Buckeye Nutrition

We understand that your horse is extremely important to you and we offer a complete line of Buckeye Nutrition products that are made of only the best certified ingredients. Buckeye Nutrition formulas do not change based on the cost of commodities going into them so you can be sure your getting equine nutrition you can trust.




Brooks Feeds

Whether your horse is a competitive athlete, a pleasure horse, or a broodmare with a new foal by her side, the need for proper nutrition is paramount. As a supplier of premium quality horse feeds, Brooks Feeds brings you the latest technology and nutritional information necessary to formulate leading edge feeds.







Dewormers, Treats, Nutritional Supplements

Choose from a variety of dewormers including Equalan, Equalan Plus, Quest, Ivomec, Bomectin, Strongid P, and Exodus/Safeguard.




Horse Feed & Health Care Supplies

We have all the basics in stock: treats, hoof care, and coat and mane care. We have also developed our own 12% proline sweet feed & 12% proline fat&fiber.




Need a great bucket? We carry quality buckets and bins in lots of sizes, shapes and colours including rubber tubs, feed scoops, hook over feeders and corner feeders. We also have great brooms, forks and shovels to keep your barn clean and animals fed.