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Hose End Sprayer

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Hose-end sprayers are popular and ideal for large spraying jobs such as yard wide application beneficial nematodes. 

Our hose-end sprayer provides a fan spray for quick coverage of large area of turf. The container can be filled with a wettable fertilizer or beneficial nematode concentrate and then connected to your hose for application. It provides up to 20 gallons of finished spray with fixed rate is 1-1.5 oz of fertilizer or nematodes per gallon. It is durable, chemical resistant and made of rustproof polymer.


Size: 19.0cm (7.5 in.)

Includes: Full instruction for beneficial nematode application.

When using this hose end sprayer have the yellow toggle in the "on" position and not in the "water" position when applying nematodes. If only on the "water" position then the container will not empty.