Ant Pro Baiting Station

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Build your own army against ants!  This patented and extremely effective liquid ant feeding system kills and gets rid of invasive ants with ease! Also kills cockroaches and other insect pests. The KM Ant Pro dispenses a liquid bait (sold separately) that gives ants and insects what they want - a sweet nectar based food source that mimics honeydew secreted by aphids that is commonly found on plants and flowers. This bait also contains a mild toxin that is carried back to the queens and the colony. The KM Ant Pro Liquid Ant Bait Station gives ant bait in a durable outdoor station that will last season after season.

  • Use 1 Ant Pro dispenser on each side of home or every 2500 square feet
  • Liquid bait is not included
  • Each KM Ant Pro Station will hold up to 19 oz of liquid ant bait