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Windsor Water Softener Pellets - System Saver II 18.1 Kg

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18.1kg System Saver II Water Softening Pellets System Saver II Pellets are formulated to guarantee 99.7% pure salt which ultimately means cleaner dishes and laundry and smoother hair and skin! Windsor System Saver II Pellets quality product and packaging are absolutely a cut above and thats why Ya Gotta Get The Good One!. DETAILS: Windsor System Saver II Pellets patented formula and unique pellet shape are proven to deliver superior results. Work to extend softener life Keep water appliances running at peak performance Reduce iron build-up Help prevent hard water mineral scaling in water heaters and pipes Clean your softener and remove hard water minerals Can be used in all water softeners System Saver II comes in a bag that is easy to carry, open and pour thanks to our special bag features. The easy-open tear opens wide to allow salt to pour out easily and flow freely. Both bag sizes have a rigid plastic handle for more comfortable carrying and lifting