C-I-L 12-0-0 Bloodmeal 1.3kg

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This blood meal by C-I-L is a natural source of nitrogen and iron. It ensures healthy, vibrant foliage. Furthermore, it's great for roses and other plants such as perennials and annuals. You can even use it to promote the growth of vegetables, trees, and shrubs. This product is ideal for transplanting and is sold in a 1.3 kg bag.

How to Use:

  1. Apply at the time of planting. Dig a hole 2 times the size of the root ball.
  2. Mix equal amounts of the product and top soil – place plant into hole.
  3. Fill remaining hole with an equal mixture of existing soil from hole and C-I-L® Soil. Water generously, ensuring soil is well drenched.
  4. For vigorous growth, re-apply every 6-8 weeks by raking into soil 5-8 cm deep at a rate of 50 g per 1 m2. Ensure you apply to the area surrounding the plant and not against the stem.
  • Ideal for transplanting
  • Great organic option for plants that require nitrogen
  • Great for tomatoes, cabbages, cucumbers, squashes, lettuce and corn
  • Encourages healthy vibrant foliage
  • Boosts roots and stems with a naturally derived source of nitrogen