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Miryal® All Purpose Grass Seed

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Miryal® All Purpose Grass Seed is composed of a probiotic that forms mycorrhizae relationships under ground by attaching and becoming part of the cells of the turf grass roots. Miryal® turf grass roots trap mineral nutrients and water essential to support growth.

• Growing your turf grass with Miryal® All Purpose Grass seed will eliminate cost by reducing the amount of watering, and synthetic fertilizing.
• Miryal® turf grass roots are drought tolerant and can remain productive during hot dry summers.
• Once established, Miryal® turf grass roots have enzymes that break down ORGANIC carbon and nitrogen.
• Turf grass grown with Miryal® All Purpose Grass Seed will form roots with protective barriers that will suppress diseases and pathogens from entering the root zone.
• Miryal® turf grass have roots that are tightly interwoven, with smaller denser roots that promote aeration in sandy, clay based or compacted soils.
• Miryal® All Purpose Grass Seed will germinate in full sun, shade, high salt and walking traffic areas.

This will improve your lawns resistance to pests, such as Chinch Bug, June Beetles, European Chafer, Japanese Beetle, and diseases such as Snow Mold.

All Natural and Environmentally Friendly

Miryal® All Purpose Grass Seed will grow turf grass that will grow strong and resilient lawns of beauty for their lifetime.

Miryal® and the Soil-Carbon Connection

The essence of all life is the element of carbon. The carbon atom exists in all living tissues of plants.  Most plants, and other below-ground organisms, depend upon the carbon storages in the soil that they live in.

The main source of carbon storage in soil is driven by a cycle occurring in our environment from carbon dioxide gas. Carbon dioxide gas is comprised of air and the growth and breakdown of plants. The sun itself powers this cycle. Plants capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into their tissues by means of photosynthesis. It is through this process that plants remove carbon dioxide from the air, give off oxygen and store the carbon as biomass in the soil.

How Miryal® Helps

Carbon becomes incorporated in the plants root system with our special Miryal® mycorrhizal-produced substance called glomalin. Loaded with carbon, glomalin is a glue-like substance only produced by mycorrhizas found in Miryal®. Glomalin is produced around the outside of the tiny hair-like strands of mycelia of the plants roots to seal them from leaking as they transport nutrients such as water, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium back to the root cells of a plant. This sealing also provides protection for the plant against pathogens.

Glomalin also binds organic matter in the soil with sand, silt, and clay to create carbon-rich aggregates which forms healthy, rich and uniform topsoil.

Miryal's® mycorrhizae produce glomalin which significantly increases the soil’s ability to hold water without erosion. Glomalin plays a key role in soil aggregate formation and aggregates keep carbon in the soil.

Tackling Global Warming

Carbon storage (or sequestration) is crucial to help tackle global warming. The most common example in nature is the photosynthesis process for trees and plants. They store carbon as they absorb CO2 during growth. Since they are efficient at soaking up the carbon that would otherwise just get trapped as heat in the atmosphere, this makes plants and trees important in the fight against global warming.  

What is increasingly being understood though is how critical mycorrhizal fungi is in this process, too. In fact, measurements show that mycorrhizal fungi have been estimated to represent anywhere from five to 20 percent of total plant carbon uptake. Fungi are absolutely crucial for promoting soil aggregation, which makes the soil stronger and more able to withstand disruptive variables, such as disintegration.

Here at Miryal®, we're ready to do our part to tackle global warming, one of the defining social purposes of our time.

Miryal® All Purpose grass seed is a revolutionary grass seed consisting of a probiotic with 10% Kentucky Bluegrass, 45% Creeping Red Fescue and 45% Perennial Rye Grass.


Overseeding, Thickening and Patch Repair of Existing Lawns

1. Rake or Dethatch dead leaves and stems.
2. Top Dress lightly with topsoil, triple mix, sand or peat moss.
3. Seed evenly with Miryal® All Purpose Grass Seed in one
direction and then go over the area again from the opposite direction in accordance with recommended seeding rates below.
4. Water regularly until new grass germinates within 3 to 5 days.

New Lawns

1. Prepare soil by tilling to a depth of 4-6 inches. Ensure a clean, clear ground area removing all stones, lumps, and debris.
2. Work in an organic fertilizer, or triple mix
to soil area.
3. Seed evenly with Miryal® All Purpose Grass
Seed in one direction and then go over the area again from the opposite direction in accordance with recommended seeding rates below.
4. Rake area lightly, ensuring grass seed has a
very light film of soil over it and is planted no more than 1/8 inch deep.
5. Water regularly with a very light spray until
the grass seed germinates within 3 to 5 days. Take care not to disturb seed with water spray.