Equine Tri-Acta Proactive Joint Health - Regular Strength

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Integricare developed TRI-ACTA as a preventative solution for joint issues in horses. As a supplement that contains 100% active, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients (meaning no fillers or additives), TRI-ACTA is a cost-effective long-term solution that benefits both sport horses and pleasure horses alike. Because the product is pure and concentrated, the servings are small and easy to administer. Our 20 g daily serving of TRI-ACTA provides your horse with the therapeutic dose of key, all-active ingredients needed to prevent and mitigate the onset of joint degeneration.

We source all our ingredients within Canada and stand behind our TRI-ACTA supplements being a 100% Canadian product. The ingredients specifically selected for TRI-ACTA products have been consistently proven through numerous scientific studies to work effectively together to support optimal joint health and mobility.