EverGro Rose Food 6-12-16 2kg

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Use Evergro Rose Food in the fall when transplanting a dormant plant, or early  spring when planting a new or transplanted rose. For exquisite, full blooms, and healthy, vigorous growth with extra nutrients for rich colour, and texture.

How to Use:

For NEW rose plantings, be sure to select a sunny area and prepare soil well

PREPARED SOIL BEDS – For each 10m squared, spread 1 kg of Rose Food, and spread well into the soil. One 2kg carton feeds about 20m squared (215 square feet).

INDIVIDUAL PLANTS – Place one small handful  (about 30g) in bottom of planting hole. Cover with 5 cm (2″) of soil, and then plant the rose. Water well

MATURE ROSES: For mature rose bushes, be sure to do a thorough spring pruning, and clean up shortly after the last frost, before new growth begins, and before fertilizing

INDIVIDUAL MATURE ROSES: Climbers, tree roses, and other types. Spread 30g for smaller plants, and up to 60g for larger plants, in a broad circle around the base of the plant (starting about 15cm from the stalk). Work into top 5 cm (2″) of soil. Water well.