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Global Protien/Pollen Patties with Hive Alive and Seaweed

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All Global Patties contain scientifically formulated vitamins, minerals and fats specifically selected, balanced and tested for optimal bee nutrition.
Global high-performance pollen patty with 15% pollen, HiveAlive liquid and added seaweed nutrients. 

15% real pollen, 15.5% total protein.
• All the benefits of HiveAlive in a high concentration (1 tsp per patty).
• Very fast consumption rate.
• Additional seaweed extracts with concentrated micronutrients for extra nutritional value.
• Complete range of essential amino acids, trace minerals & vitamins required for brood rearing & healthy colonies.

Each 1 pound patty contains: Sugar, Soy Flour, Brewer's Yeast, Water, 15% Protein, Hive Alive, and Seaweed.