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Improved Fairway Grass seed

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Great blend for open sunny areas. 

  • Patented Protected Improved Technology
  • Lateral Spread Tiller Fills in Bare Spots
  • Increased Density Highly Wear Tolerant
  • Exceptionally Fine Leaf Texture and Dark Green Colour

Kentucky Bluegrass 50%

Creeping Red Fescue 10%

Slider LS Per. Ryegrass 40% 

1. Ensure you have a minimum of 10cm. of good topsoil. 

2. Make sure you have a fine smooth seed bed. Remove all stones, lumps and other debris

3. Apply Starter Fertilizer at the recommended rate. 

4. Apply the seed evenly (approximately 5 to 7 lbs per 1000 sq. ft.) If using a spreader, apply half going horizontally and the other half going vertically. 

5. Rake or roll the soil lightly after applying the seed. 

6. Keep the area moist by frequent light watering until the seed is established. 

7. Depending on the grass species, under ideal growing conditions, some seeds will germinate in one week, others may take up to four. 

8. Seed germinates best when temperatures are 15° - 26°C. Seed applied at cooler temperatures may take longer to emerge. 

9. For best results, apply in early to mid-spring or early fall.

1. Rake the bare or thin areas vigorously to loosen the soil. 

2. For thickening up purposes , apply at half the recommended rate

3. For patching up purposes, apply at the full recommended rate. 

4. Apply a thin layer of topsoil on patched up areas. 

5. Follow points 5 to 9 from the "new seeding tips."