Laguna Barley Straw Pellets with Mesh Bag - 1.13 kg (2.5 lb) - Treats 4730 L (1,250 US gal.)

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Laguna Barley Straw helps maintain superior pond water conditions in a completely natural way. The Barley Straw comes in small, slow-release pellet form for easy handling and convenience. Barley Straw is completely natural and will not harm fish or plant life. 

One 1.13 kg (2.5 lb) bag treats 4730 litres (1250 U.S. gal.) and lasts 12 weeks. 

Includes a reusable mesh bag with locking seal.

Directions for use :

Simply place the pellets in a mesh bag (included) and immerse in the water. Over the next several weeks, the pellets will release an enzyme that helps promote clean and healthy pond water.