MICROBE-LIFT/Oxy Pond Cleaner (OPC)

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Break Down Unsightly Debris!

MICROBE-LIFT/Oxy Pond Cleaner will safely yet immediately breakdown accumulated debris from rocks, streams and on waterfalls.

  • Uses Oxygen Power to break down unsightly debris
  • Especially helpful on streams and waterfalls
  • Deep cleans planters and rocks
  • Oxidizes and Detoxifies
  • Helps to prevent pond odors

Use Weekly to Eliminate Stressful Pond Draining

MICROBE-LIFT/Oxy Pond Cleaner will safely spot-treat all areas of light-to-heavy accumulations of debris on rocks, waterfalls, streams, planters, etc. MICROBE-LIFT/Oxy Pond Cleaner is 100% safe when used as directed.

Available Sizes

  • 2 lbs. (OPCSMF) Treats up to 10,000 gals.
  • 8 lbs. (OPCMD) Treats up to 40,000 gals.
  • 45 lbs. (OPCXL) Treats up to 225,000 gals.
Keep out of reach of children.