Pool-Floc Granulated Clarifier

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Pool-Floc makes pool water sparkling clear. Pool-floc is especially effective for pool water that is very cloudy or colored due to the presence of metals. 


Directions for use:

1. Fill pool above skimmer. Adjust water parameters to recommended levels: Free chlorine-1-2ppmm, pH 7.2-7.8

2. Stop filtration system and put filter in recirculate or whirlpool position. Start the system.

3. Add 400 g of Pool-Floc per 10,000 L of pool water. Sprinkle required quantity directly on surface of water. 

4. Recirculate water for 4 to 6 hours. Stop filter and allow water to remain undisturbed preferably overnight to allow debris to deposit to bottom of pool.

5. Remove residue by putting filtration system in drain position and vacuum.

6. Readjust water parameters as this product decreases pH.