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Pure Hen Manure 5-3-2 10Kg

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For vegetable gardens, trees, shrubs and evergreens, flowers, flowerbeds, bulbs, and lawns.


  • Natural, first quality fertilizer No filling, sludge or synthetic products added.
  • Pure hen manure Dehydrated and granulated, containing a minimum of 90% dry matter.
  • Efficient for all types of plants
  • Rich in calcium An essential element for plant cell division and growth.

Are squirrels eating your bulbs?

Acti-Sol multipurpose fertilizer has a repulsive effect on squirrels that are fond of tulip bulbs! Visit our Tips and tricks section for more details.

Approved for organic agriculture

This fertilizer is approved for use in organic production by :
  • OMRI
  • OCQV
  • Ecocert Canada


  • 100% pure hen manure


  • Dried, dehydrated and pelletized
  • No soil or compost added to the product
  • No binding agents used to hold particles together
  • Does not contain:
    • sludge
    • synthetic substances
    • fillers

Minimum guaranteed analysis

Total Nitrogen (N)  5% Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5)  3% Soluble Potash (K2O)  2% Calcium (Ca)  7% Iron (actual) (Fe)  0.1% Magnesium (Mg)  0.5% Organic matter  71% Moisture ( maximum )  10% pH  ±7.1