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EnviroFresh - Odor Out Skunk Eliminator

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Enviro Fresh Odor Out Skunk Eliminator can be used basically anywhere skunk odour presents itself. This formula is safe to use directly on your pet, in the washing machine, on furniture etc.

Enviro Fresh Odor Out Skunk Eliminator acts quick to destroy the awful smell of skunk spray and penetrates your dog's skin to make sure the smell doesn’t resurface after becoming wet again. This unscented formula does not use any scented ingredients to mask the odour, it eliminates it with only natural, safe plant extracts. This spray is safe for pets with sensitive skin and can also be used for airborne odours as well. Spray away the odour of skunk spray with this awesome odour out skunk eliminator. Available in a 950 ml spray bottle and made in Canada.

  • Odors Won't Return
  • Simply Spray on Pet
  • Made in Canada
  • Fragrance Free