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Squirrel X Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder (X-5)

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With a rugged metal die-cast frame, elegant dome design and oil-rubbed bronze finish, the Squirrel-X5 combines strength & style to bring you the ultimate in squirrel-resistant bird feeding and your best defense against squirrels!

  • Keep out squirrels and larger “bully” birds like grackles, doves and blackbirds – simply adjust the central tension spring post to feed the birds of your choice!
  • Integrated spring-loaded perch design shuts every port simultaneously with the weight of a squirrel or larger bird on any perch
  • Intuitive green tension indicator on spring post makes tension adjustment easy – no disassembly required!
  • 6 rounded “comfort perches” attract a wider variety of birds, while being length-adjustable for bird selectivity
  • Feeder disassembles into 3 simple sections for thorough cleaning
  • Wide opening, push-and-twist metal locking lid quickly removes for effortless refilling