SUET1 - Double Suet Cake Feeder

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Our Baffled feeder holds two standard suet cakes and is surrounded by sturdy 16 gauge vinyl coated wire mesh with 1-1/2" openings to keep out starlings and squirrels. The top and bottom are powder coated in an attractive green finish.

3 1/2" from corner of inner suet cage to outer cage, 4 1/2" from Side of inner suet cage to outer cage.

This feeder comes with a galvanized cable. Hang it from a tree branch. See our 12", 24", 36", and 54" American made Tree Branch Hooks

You may also mount it on our Tubular Poles or our Deck Pole using our Slip Fit Mounting Plate No tools required! Measures 14" Wide x 8" High.