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K Finish® was designed for any horse needing more calories in their diet or support for skin and hair coat. This extruded supplement is a 25% fat blend of full-fat soybeans, flaxseed and rice bran that brings a complement of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids into your horse’s diet. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids support healthy skin, shiny hair coats and normal tissue function. K Finish® is also fortified with vitamins, minerals and amino acids.



Crude Protein (Min.)12.00%Lysine (Min.)1.00%Methionine (Min.)0.40%Methionine & Cysteine (Min.)0.60%Threonine (Min.)0.70%Crude Fat (Min.)25.00%Crude Fiber (Max.)8.00%ADF (Max.)11.00%NDF (Max.)21.00%Calcium (Ca) (Min.)0.75%Calcium (Ca) (Max.)1.25%Phosphorus (P) (Min.)0.40%Salt (NaCl) (Min.)0.05%Salt (NaCl) (Max.)0.55%Magnesium (Mg) (Min.)0.30%Potassium (K) (Min.)1.00%Copper (Cu) (Min.)20 ppmSelenium (Se) (Min.)0.55 ppmZinc (Zn) (Min.)70 ppmIron (Fe) (Min.)130 ppmManganese (Mn) (Min.)130 ppmIodine (I) (Min.)1 ppmCobalt (Co) (Min.)2.5 ppmVitamin A (Min.)3,000 IU/lbVitamin D (Min.)300 IU/lbVitamin E (Min.)300 IU/lbRiboflavin (Min.)0.7 mg/lbThiamine (Min.)4 mg/lbBiotin (Min.)0.45 mg/lbVitamin C (Min.)10 mg/lbOmega 6 Fatty Acids (Min.)12.00%Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Min.)4.00%NSC (sugar + starch) (Max.)23.00%