Tropiclean Dual Action Ear Cleaner For Pets

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TropiClean Dual Action Ear Cleaner safely removes wax and debris while reducing odor to keep pets’ ears clean and healthy. This vet recommended cleansing formula quickly dries to help reduce excess moisture and prevent ear infections. Ear cleaning solutions works best when use after bathing or swimming to help remove water trapped in their ears, which can lead to infections. TropiClean Pet Products are cruelty free.

Vet Tested & Approved — Dual Action Pet Ear Cleaner is tested and reviewed by a veterinarian to help maintain otic hygiene.

Keeps Ears Dry — Ear drops reduce moisture to prevent infection. Use after swimming to quickly dry water in the ear.

Reduces Ear Smell — Fresh scent takes ears from pungent to pleasant.

Gentle & Effective — Ear cleaner is paraben and dye free for a gentle, irritation-free clean.

Naturally Derived Ingredients — Pet ear drops are made with non-irritating ingredients derived from nature's soothing elements.

4 oz size.